Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reference~~Prints and Patterns

Easily scroll through the photos by clicking on one of opens a convenient way to do it without having to actually scroll down the entire post. The photos are courtesy of from the public shopping page.

Candy Stripes, Green

Fudge Stripes

Gold Stripes

Raspberry Floral

Bright Stripes

Bubblegum Stripes

Green Hombre


Hot Pink Connect the Dots

Navy Stripes


Country Plaid

Lemon Lime Print

Flower Power

Free Spirit

Gold n Cream

Aqua Ripple Stripe

Indian Princess

Blue Random Dots


One Plaid

Sunrise Stripes

Pink Tiger

Fruit Stripes


Candy Stripe

Hugs Dark Chocolate Stripe

Pink Pizazz

Radiant Ruche

Easy Breezy

French Dots

Mad For Plaid

Simple Pleasure

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